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Lehmonkärki’s dozens of saunas are in use throughout the year. Each villa has its own private sauna and almost all of the villas have a terrace with a high-quality outdoor hot tub. In addition to the usual electric sauna, Lehmonkärki also offers special sauna experiences with a smoke sauna and a panoramic sauna. The area has also a design sauna, a traditional beach sauna, a wood-heated sauna and an igloo sauna. 

You can come to Lehmonkärk to spend a sauna night with a large or small group. The villa saunas are great for small groups, but the Sauna World, consisting of four saunas on the shore of Lake Päijänne, is the best option for bigger groups. Sauna World, Lake Päijänne and the Night Spa will crown a long meeting or customer event. The most fruitful conversations often take place in the sauna.

During the sauna, you can enjoy our sauna and evening snack menus, or order a tasty dinner for the end of the sauna evening either in your villa or at the restaurant. Our range of services also includes traditional sauna treatments and sports massage. Wine or beer tasting is also ideal for a sauna evening.

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Sauna World

The Lehmonkärki Sauna World is a unique venue consisting of four saunas. A panoramic sauna, an authentic, 100-year-old smoke sauna (also called chimneyless sauna), an igloo sauna, an electrically heated sauna and outdoor hot tubs form a unique whole that you will not encounter anywhere else. The panoramic sauna has a direct view of Lake Päijänne. You can cool off in the clean water of Lake Päijänne and continue bathing again. In winter, there is a hole in the ice for swimming. Sauna World has a license to serve all alcoholic beverages, so we can arrange your own pool bar beside the hot tub. The Sauna World has room for up to 100 guests at a time.

  • 4 different saunas, 2 bathrooms and dressing rooms
  • 2 big outdoor hot tubs with massage functions
  • In the summer, you can swim in the lake, in the winter there is a hole in the ice to dip into
  • Catering services available on order
  • A minibar with an extensive selection of soft drinks, beer, cider and long drinks
  • License to serve all alcoholic beverages


A sauna evening at Lehmonkärki can be crowned by delicious food. You can order a snack for the sauna or a dinner at our restaurant before or after the sauna. A relaxing massage, traditional sauna treatments or beer tasting will make the sauna evening an experience.


It’s even more fun to bathe in a sauna when you have some snacks. Our sauna snack menu offers a variety of options from light to heavy meals. You can also begin or end the sauna evening with a dinner at our restaurant. For dinner, we offer a monthly changing menu with four to six starters, one main course, one to two side dishes, dessert and coffees. You can get more detailed information about the content of the menus from our sales service.


A relaxing and caring massage is perfect for a sauna evening. Trained sports masseurs can massage you either at the villa or at the Sauna World. We can offer massage service for bigger groups as well.


The story of the Finnish sauna dives into the Finnish sauna traditions and customs with the help of various saunas in the Lehmonkärki Sauna World. The program introduces you to the health effects of the sauna and the significance of the sauna as a part of human life and the cycle of the year. Sauna spells and songs, beliefs, whisking and traditional medicine in the sauna will come to life. The story of the Finnish sauna certainly offers something new and special for Finnish groups as well!


Wine or beer tasting together with the Sauna World create a wonderful program. Wine tastings are always customized for each customer. Tasting can be based on the grape variety, the wine-growing area or even the type of wine. Tasting can also be combined with dinner, in which case a wine expert has pre-selected wines that are suitable for the food. Kanava Brewery’s beer tasting introduces you to the history of beer brewing, beer styles, ingredients and the craft brewery business. In addition, it is possible to arrange beer and food pairing, where the beers are tasted with food.

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