max 250 people

High-quality meeting venue for large groups

Villa Vellamo is the most recent building in Lehmonkärki, situated at a scenic location on top of a hill. The windows provide a panoramic view of Lake Päijänne. Villa Vellamo’s interior was designed by the prestigious dSign Vertti Kivi & Co. Villa Vellamo can serve as a versatile meeting/party venue or Presidential Villa for international guests. The open and versatile space is also suitable for seminars, mini trade fairs, and product launches.

Vellamo’s meeting room can be divided into three spacious teamwork areas, each equipped with a video projector and screen. For small groups, the space can be divided into several smaller sections. The patios can be used as great teamwork spaces in the summertime. The space can be further expanded with a tent.

Vellamo is equipped with modern meeting technology. The video projector is of a very high quality, and the screen in the main hall is six meters wide. An optical fiber connection guarantees fast internet. The venue has a conference-level sound system and a mixing console that can be connected to various terminals. With Vellamo’s Alexa, you can adjust the technology in the meeting room and create lighting and soundscapes to suit the event.

Lehmonkärki’s catering will take care of everything from breakfast to dinner. Breakfast and lunch will be served from a buffet table in the main building Isohaapa, but morning and afternoon coffee and dinner will be served at Vellamo. You can also have dinner at the historic restaurant Ometta. The fair trade food is delicious, home-cooked country gourmet prepared using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.

Before dinner, we can organize a relaxing, sporty, or team-building activity, based on your wishes.

Vellamo also has four high-quality accommodation rooms, each with an en suite bathroom. The downstairs halls can be divided into spacious suites, and the sauna area is suitable even for the most demanding taste.

The name Villa Vellamo was inspired by the beautiful mermaid depicted in the provincial coat of arms of the province of Päijät-Häme. The figure depicts Lake Päijänne, which goes through the province, and the long, winding ridges and eskers. The building was named with the permission of the Regional Council of Päijät-Häme.

Number of persons:

  • U-shaped table for max 30 people
  • Teamwork tables for max 70 people
  • Classroom seating for max 130 people
  • Dinner seating for max 160 people
  • Theater-style seating for max 200 people
  • Cocktail parties for max 250 people

    Surface area of the meeting room: 850 m²

    Total surface area of the villa: 1,200 m²

    Equipment: Three video projectors and screens, flip charts, a conference-level sound system.

    Teamwork spaces: The space can be divided into three larger teamwork spaces or several small teamwork spaces. There is also the sauna area downstairs for max 5 people and a fireplace room for max 8 people. Additional teamwork spaces are available in the nearby villas.

    Accommodation: There are four double rooms on the top floor of Vellamo. More accommodation is available in high-quality villas some 300 meters from the meeting venue. Our villas have a total of 130 beds.

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