Activities for all occasions

A functional activity that is different from the brainstorming sessions of a day of meetings provides a much-needed rest for someone doing mental work. Activities also allow you to get to know the members of your work community in a whole new way. Lehmonkärki offers a great variety of program all year round.

For most of the activities, the setting is the magnificent nature at Lehmonkärki. We offer physical, team-building, and relaxing activities. Safety plans have been drawn up for all the activities. Organize an event that will be remembered!

Activities are guided in Finnish and English, some also in German.


Casual competitions

The casual competitions consist of playful team races. The competitions are a great way to promote team building and build team spirit. These casual competitions have been designed based on the region’s nature, history, and traditional livelihoods.

Examples of casual competitions

Disc golf tournament

Country tournament

Urban survivor


Summer nature trips

On our summer nature trips, you get to see the beautiful nature of Päijät-Häme from many different angles. A fast-paced mountain bike ride is a breeze on an electric bike. Our expert guides can take your group on a relaxed wild herb and mushroom picking walk.

You can get onto the water on a large rowing boat used for going to church, a canoe, or a SUP board. Trips to the Päijänne National Park are possible for small and larger groups. On the Highland trip, you will get to know Yrjölä Farm’s Highland cattle and hear stories about the farm’s more than 300 years of history. The trips are available when the ground is not frozen, from spring to fall.


Winter trips and safaris

There is plenty to do in the wintertime, too. Our snowmobile safaris in the most beautiful ridge landscapes of Southern Finland are suitable for up to 15 sledders at a time. The safaris range from shorter trips for beginners to more advanced full-day safaris.

For more information on safari prices and options, please visit our snowmobile safari page

A snowshoe hike is a great way to get the day’s work out of your mind and get a good oxygen rush. Snowshoes make it easy to walk on a thick layer of snow or climb snow-covered slopes. For those looking for a different experience, we offer wetsuit floating.


Fishing trips and competitions

Treat yourself, your friends, or business associates to a part or full day fishing trip in the beautiful lake scenery of southern Lake Päijänne. We also arrange adventure-filled fishing trips in the wintertime. You will be accompanied by a knowledgeable and friendly fishing guide who can answer even the toughest questions.

Instead of a trip, we can organize a fishing competition or, alternatively, an ice fishing competition. The trips are available from May to October. Now you’ve caught it!


Joy of exercise with your group

The group exercise classes at Lehmonkärki are not your basic aerobics. We offer a range of exhilarating classes including adult ballet, a circus school that develops balance and coordination, rural tango, dancercise, and broomstick exercise. The classes can take place outdoors or indoors.

Snowshoe dancing is a fun winter exercise class. The Bloke Race is a man-versus-woman contest. Nordic walking combines outdoor exercise with muscular strength and balance training.


Bathing in the sauna and wellbeing

In the Lehmonkärki Sauna World, you can relax even with a large group. The Sauna World is the perfect end to a busy day of meetings. The Sauna World can be complemented with spa services, such as sports massage and traditional Finnish sauna treatments.

You can also book massage separately at your villa. In sauna relaxation, gentle stretching and the heat of the sauna allow tense muscles to relax. Learn more about our sauna products



Tastings are particularly suitable as fall and winter activities. We offer a selection of beer and wine tastings. A tasting of the local Kanavan Panimo brewery is an unforgettable journey into the history and products of the microbrewery. Wine tastings are always customized based on your wishes.

The starting point for a tasting can be, for example, a wine-producing region or a type of wine. Tastings can be combined with dinner, creating an experience combining drink and food. The Sauna World paired with a tasting and dinner is a complete Christmas or sauna party.


Creative workshops

Making something with your hands is relaxing and will take your thoughts to other dimensions for a moment. We offer exciting creative workshops where you will learn new techniques and will be able to take home a beautiful handmade product.

In our painting and portrait workshops, you will dive into the world of charcoal drawing. Monotype and pipe cone wreath workshops combine the use of natural materials and crafts into a relaxing experience. A workshop on making a traditional Finnish straw mobile from drinking straws or a forging workshop will introduce you to traditional crafting methods.