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Luksusta kaikille aisteille

Lehmonkärki, a high-quality tourist centre on the shore of Lake Päijänne, offers luxury for all senses. Whether it's a business meeting, a break from everyday life or the most important celebration of your life, we'll help you make it memorable.

We offer stylish and high-quality meeting and accommodation, a kitchen offering taste sensations made with local ingredients and, above all, personalized and first-class service. Clean body of water, beautiful nature and silence come forth.

Welcome to Lehmonkärke.


Delicious evening dinner

All the evenings are full booked.

NOVELTY! Haasi – Mirror Houses

A unique Haasi Mirror House destination built on a lake for sale now!

Available villas in the summer 2020

Follow the link below to see the available villas 26-31.

Lehmonkärki Summer Café

Open daily 17.6.-9.8.


Located on the shore of Lake Päijänne, isohaapa offers comfortable and bright spaces for a wide range of events.

Number of persons:

  • U-table max 30 persons
  • Group desks max. 35 persons
  • Class format max 60 persons
  • Theatre format max 80 persons
  • Dinner form max. 100 persons
  • Coctail format max. 180 persons

villa vellamo

Villa Vellamo is a pearl of Lehmonkären, located in a scenic location on the top of a hill. From the windows you can view the panorama directly to Päijänne.


Number of persons:

  • U-table max 30 persons
  • Group desks max. 70 persons
  • Class format max 130 persons
  • Dinner form max. 160 persons
  • Theatre format max 200 persons
  • Coctail format max. 250 persons


The 300-year-old banquet and meeting room Ometta is located in a beautiful countryside landscape in Päijähämämäki.


Number of persons:

  • U-table max 30 persons
  • Group desks max. 50 persons
  • Class format max 60 persons
  • Dinner form max. 80 persons
  • Theatre format max 100 persons
  • Coctail format max. 120 persons

Päijänne National Park and Pulkkilanharju

Päijänne National Park is one of finland's 40 national parks. The national park area consists mainly of islands. The best route to the park is through Lehmonkär, as we transport customers to the park by water s bedding sometimes. At our reception you will find the official guidance point of the national park, where you can get great tips for hiking in the area. Read more…

Nature close to the heart

The nature of lehmonkäre offers experiences regardless of the season. In summer, the lake offers its best. Scuba diving on a calm lake before sunset or a dip in the clean Lake Päijänne directly from the sauna are always experiences. For a keävttalvinen ice fishing trip you can go directly from the villa's own pier. In the autumn, the forests will include tats, funnel waxes and lingonberries. If you're lucky, you might run into a lynx, a wealand or even a sea eagle on your trip. -ERR:REF-NOT-FOUND-Read more…

Ecological energy

The Lehmonkäre region has been developed in a controlled and long-term manner throughout its history. New buildings have been built and old buildings have been renovated at regular intervals. In energy production, ecological ism has always been important to us. We use lake heat, aurinoceels, wood chips, air heat pumps and heat recovery. Our customers can charge electric cars at several different charging points.

Food nearby

Our restaurant uses the anger and berries of the local premises to cook. The cheeses and jams of the local producers, the succulent meat of the ecological beef of our farm and the porridge brewed from the flakes of the local mill are going to blow up a better. The hostess of the neighbouring farm prepares us with canned pumpkins and cucumbers and carries funnel waxes directly into the kitchen in the autumn. Read more…

The buzz of history

Lehmonkärki was known as a scenic place on the shore of Lake Päijänne in the past centuries, and the place is named after wild forest herds. The fishermen and young people of the villages remember, in particular, Haavankallio, where they gathered to spend time. In 1906, the first steamer in Päijänne, S/S Finland, was built in the Bay of Vähä-Äiniö. One of finland's oldest money stashs has also been found in the area; Vikings and gold coins.

Learn from the past and develop the best of the future

Today Lehmonkärki is a lively and contemporary all-year-round tourist centre, visiting 25,000 tourists every year. A wealth of regulars arrive year after year to enjoy lehmonkärjen's beautiful nature. Accommodation villas are kept in good condition and new ancillary services and infrastructure are being developed and described, so we always have something new to offer. -ERR:REF-NOT-FOUND-Read more…

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Why the tip of the grove

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Accommodation options for everyone

We offer high-quality accommodation in stylish villas. The villas are placed in the terrain in such a way that everyone has enough peace of mind. Each villa has its own sauna, beach, pier and rowing boat. Almost every villa has an outdoor hot tub on its terrace. The beds are not compromised on quality, but you can sleep in the hotel-level bed. Air heat pumps provide comfort for living comfort. Bed and towels are always included in the rates. The villas have options for couples, families and larger groups. Read more…

Luxury holiday accommodation on the lake

The unique accommodation is our new place to stay on the lake, Mirror house. The price of the accommodation package always includes a rich country breakfast basket, the use of an outdoor hot tub and access to electric bikes or Sup boards Read more…

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Customer reports

"The staff were very friendly and helpful. At our day of operation, about 100 participants were present at Lehmonkärje. Accommodation and meals were praised. The location is great, the view from the beach. The staff were very friendly and helpful. The host scores from the service!"

Maippi – Wikipedia, the free

"Great place to stay. A big and fine party room where you can hold events for over 200 people. The room was very friendly and helpful."


"Beautifully situated place, huge and very clean lake (water so pure that you can drink!), Pine forest around, saunas and comfortable cottages – great!"

Aneta, New European Free

Looking for a meeting place, in need of a luxury cottage weekend, a wedding planned or perhaps some other opportunity in mind.

call us,
arrange together

Best in the tip of the grove


The best thing about being a vacation is freedom. Not to have to do anything, but you can do a lot if you want to. The unhurried atmosphere of lehmonkärte gives the opportunity for both.

maistuva maalaisgourmet

Lehmonkären kitchen is known for its good food. The unpretensible grip and fresh high-quality ingredients can't taste like good.


The tip of the grove is surrounded by the magnificent nature of Southern Päijänne. You can take a boat on a self-guided trip to the nearby island, book a guided trip to the national park or admire the water from the top of the sup board.