Lehmonkärki is a high-quality tourism company that offers sustainable conditions in the area for customers and for the entire staff. We are committed to preventing and reducing the environmental impact of our operations and we actively work to promote sustainable development by constantly developing our operations and setting new goals every year. Lehmonkärki guarantees a safe and equal working environment for every employee, where we combat commercial, sexual or other exploitation of children, teenagers, women, minorities or other vulnerable groups, as well as all kinds of harassment. We try to anticipate risk situations in the best possible way, for example with the help of various signs and training events. We require legislation on employee rights from all our employees, as well as our subcontractors, and we fight corruption. All employees, interns and volunteers have occupational accident insurance. We commit to make responsible purchases and investments, and we work for social sustainability in our region, for the benefit of our staff and our guests. We comply with all environmental, health, safety and labor related international, national and local agreements, laws and other regulations that apply to our company. Plants, animals or historical and archaeological objects are not sold, exchanged or displayed, except to the extent permitted by law.

Our biggest direct environmental impact comes from vehicle emissions, as there is no public transport option in our area. We try to prefer our visitors to arrive by shared transportation, or to arrive by electric car by making it possible to charge the car in our area. We also prefer longer visiting times in our company. We use 100% renewable electricity, environmentally friendly products and resource-efficient technology. Our goal is to be an even more self-sufficient company that produces energy in its own area and the excess energy can be sold to other parties. We measure and monitor our environmental efficiency regularly, measuring water, electricity and energy consumption, as well as the amount of waste generated in our operations. We take care of our properties even when they are not in use, for example by disconnecting electrical devices from sockets, turning off the water taps of dishwashers and washing machine, maintaining ventilation, drains and water pipes. We train our staff up-to-date in environmental and responsibility themes, and we consider inclusivity in customer service and in the planning and marketing of facilities and services. We hire personnel for all levels of positions, regardless of age, ethnic background, gender, or, for example, disability. We always prefer local products in our purchases.

In our operating environment, we strive to minimize the negative effects of our own methods and maximize the benefits. We commit to use organic, eco-labelled and seasonal and local products as much as possible. We raise our own organic cattle considering of versatile feeding, animal health as well as we guarantee, an opportunity for behavior characteristic of the species. We minimize food waste, use disposable containers only in exceptional cases, and the cleaning and washing agents and tissue paper we use are eco-labeled.

The aim is to reduce food waste by carefully ordering and making only the ordered meals according to the number of customers. The number of customers for each meal is known in advance, along with their diets. Food is re-purposed with limitations from Food Legislation. The amount of food waste is monitored according to the filling of the biowaste container.

Lehmonkärki has an action plan for vacant premises. We make sure that in winter the temperatures are lowered to the basic temperatures if some rooms are not used, and we regularly drain water into the floor drains, so that the drains do not dry out, if the water pipes of the buildings are not emptied on purpose. In addition, electrical appliances are turned off and plugs are removed from sockets, the faucets of washing machines and dishwashers are closed, ventilation is maintained due to moisture accumulation, and the cleanliness of the yard areas is taken care of. We also regularly check the premises to make sure no damage has occurred.

Compliance with laws, regulations and other requirements is the minimum level for us, and we are committed to exceeding current laws and regulations related to sustainable development.

Lehmonkärki wants to be at the forefront of creating a sustainable tourism industry and inspires other operators, customers and personnel to participate in sustainable development activities.


Asikkala, April 2023

Ari Yrjölä