Lehmonkärki has been awarded a Green Key environmental certificate in May 2023! The certification process started in the spring of 2022 with an initial survey, and during the spring of 2023, the application process was started, which eventually resulted as a granted certification. The certification is renewed annually by the decision of the Green Key jury.

For years, Lehmonkärki has been a pioneer in environmental matters, and therefore we wanted to get a certificate that we do responsible work for the environment. More information about Green Key.

Lehmonkärki has been invited to the STF program (Sustainable Travel Finland), the process of which we have started after the Green Key environmental certificate was issued. Companies and regions that have received the Sustainable Travel Finland mark get access to a continuous development model, the latest information related to the sustainable development of tourism, as well as marketing support and additional visibility on Visit Finland’s channels internationally. (Sustainable Travel Finland)

Green Key -program and certificate

Green Key is an international tourism industry responsibility certificate that has already been received by more than 3,700 companies in more than 60 countries around the world. Criteria for the certificate is based on the UN’s sustainable development goals, and includes requirements related to reducing the environmental load, increasing social benefits, and supporting the local economy. The criteria is practical and effectively consider the characteristics of the tourism industry.

The Green Key mark is a recognition of the quality of the company’s operations. It tells about the creditable responsibility work and meets the growing expectations of customers and partners regarding the responsibility of tourism services.

The Green Key certificate is approved by the Sustainable Travel Finland program and is administered by the international environmental education organization FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education). In Finland, Green Key is represented by Going Green Oy, a social enterprise owned by FEE Suomen. Green

Lehmonkärki has implemented various environmental projects and activity over the past few years :

  • Air-source heat pumps have been added to every accommodation space.
  • Lake heating project.
  • Increasing the amount of solar power panels.
  • Added electric car charging points to the area.
  • The area has its own water wells, and the water consumption of the accommodation facilities and public spaces is regulated with the help of shower head limiters.
  • When building, repairing, or changing our properties, we want to minimize the environmental impact as much as possible.
  • Only environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions and materials are used in new projects and restorations.

Actions promoting biodiversity:

  • The forests are managed.
  • Flying squirrels’ old nesting area is protected.
  • Birdhouses installed in the area.
  • During winter, the openings on ice are kept accessible so that the water is rich in oxygen and is ideal for otters to access the land.

Solar Energy:

  • At the beginning of 2023, numerous new solar panels have been installed on the roofs of villas.
  • Lehmonkärki produces energy for the buildings in its area with its own solar power plant, and the surplus energy is sold to the energy company.

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How can you make responsible and environmental choices as our customer?

  • Turn off extra lights and other electrical devices if they are not used.
  • Prefer short showers.
  • Close the lid of the outdoor hot tub when not in use.
  • Sort the waste.
  • Prefer local food.
  • Minimize food waste.
  • Prefer carpools.