Measures of economical, environmental and social sustainability in Lehmonkärki

Ecological energy solutions

For those living in rural areas, cherishing nature and a reasonable lifestyle come as a matter of course, because livelihoods are often derived from nature. At Lehmonkärki, the environment is treated with respect. It is one of our most important competitive advantages. We are very proud of the pure drinkable water of Lake Päijänne and the sandy beaches and lagoons of Päijänne National Park.

We have for long favoured ecological energy solutions. The main building Isohaapa is heated with heat from the lake, solar energy and heat recovery. Most villas have air source heat pumps, which bring more living comfort in summer and reduce energy costs in winter. In the autumn of 2018, five solar power plants were installed in Lehmonkärki to produce ecological electricity. Our farm uses environmentally friendly wood chip heating. Renewable domestic wood is used as a heat source. There are four electric car charging stations in the Lehmonkärki area, both Type 2 plugs and Tesla plugs. We also rent electric bikes to our customers.

Food from our own farm and the surrounding area

There are many local and small producers in our area, whose delicacies we also serve. Raspberries and strawberries come from Vilppula farm, bush blueberries from Näsi farm, root vegetables from Toukola farm, homemade egg cheese from Nastolan kotijuusto, oatmeal from Vääksy mill and our own Yrjölä farm. At our café and restaurants you can enjoy local Kanava Brewery beers. 

Long horned highland cattle graze Yrjölä farm fields, a stone’s throw from Lehmonkärki. The cattle eat organically produced feed and its meat is irresistibly delicious. Our kitchen uses this organic meat from highland cattle in a variety of ways. We also sell meat as such or processed into sausage.

Life cycle of buildings

Wood-based construction has been a key idea in the development of our property. The high-density grained logs of cottages built in 70’s have been re-used when building new villas. Our villas have also been built to breathe healthy. The buildings are spaced loosely on the ridge of Lehmonkärki so that all guests can enjoy the yards of their villas and beautiful scenery. The coloring and silhouette of the villas are designed to blend into nature.

Traditions and locality

Asikkala is a vibrant and independent municipality in Päijät-Häme. We want to cherish the traditions of Häme by also offering traditional dishes – for example sweetened potato casserole, sahti (home-brewed strong beer made of malts and traditionally spiced with juniper) or egg cheese. In sauna treatments, traditions and local herbs are intertwined. Guests love stories about the history of Lehmonkärki and these stories are true!