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Haasi Mirror Houses

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A unique Haasi Mirror House destination built on a lake for sale now!

Luxury to all your senses

Lehmonkärki, a high-quality tourist centre located on the shore of Lake Päijänne, offers luxury for all the senses. Whether it’s a business meeting, a break from everyday life or the most important celebration of your life, we will help you make it memorable.

We offer you stylish and high-quality meeting and accommodation facilities, a kitchen that offers rich flavours from local ingredients and, above all, individual and first-class service. Clean water, beautiful nature and silence come as bonuses.

Welcome to Lehmonkärki


Bright and comfortable party and meeting venue Isohaapa located close to the shore of Lake Päijänne is suitable for many kinds of occasions.


  • U-table max. 30 people
  • Group desks max. 35 people
  • Classroom max. 60 people
  • Theatre-style setup max. 80 people
  • Dinner tables max. 100 people
  • Cocktail tables max. 180 people

villa vellamo

Villa Vellamo is the pearl of Lehmonkärki, located at a scenic location on top of a hill. The windows offer a panoramic view over Lake Päijänne.


  • U-table max. 30 people
  • Group desks max. 70 people
  • Classroom max. 130 people
  • Dinner tables max. 160 people
  • Theatre-style setup max. 200 people
  • Cocktail tables max. 250 people


The more than 300-year-old party and meeting venue Ometta is located in beautiful countryside of Southern Finland.


  • U-table max. 30 people
  • Group desks max. 50 people
  • Classroom max. 60 people
  • Dinner tables max. 80 people
  • Theatre-style setup max. 100 people
  • Cocktail tables max. 120 people


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Sauna facilities for every need

The best way to relax after a long day is to bathe in a sauna. Each villa has its own sauna and almost all of them have a luxury outdoor hot tub. Sauna World, located on the shore of Lake Päijänne, is the best choice for groups.

Plenty of different saunas

Lehmonkärki has both traditional electrically heated and wood heated saunas. The Iglu Sauna is located only a few steps from Lake Päijänne, and the Panoramic Sauna offers stunning lake views. Our oldest sauna is more than 100 years old. The most special experience is guaranteed in a design sauna designed by Vertti Kivi. The sauna’s large windows open into an old spruce forest. It’s almost like floating in the air.

Accommodation for everyone

We offer high-quality accommodation in stylish villas. The villas are situated a decent distance from each other so that everyone has enough privacy. Each villa has its own sauna, beach, jetty and rowing boat. Almost every villa also has an outdoor hot tub on the terrace. You’ll sleep in a hotel-level bed, as no compromises in the quality of the beds have been made. Air source heat pumps bring more living comfort. The price always includes bed linen and towels. The villas include great options for couples, families and larger groups. Check out our accommodation options.

Luxury Escape on the lake

Haasi – Mirror Houses, to be completed in summer 2020, are a completely new type of accommodation experience in Finland. The stunningly beautiful Lake Päijänne landscape opens up through the glass walls of the apartments. It feels like you are part of nature. The package includes use of an outdoor hot tub and access to electric bikes or stand up paddle (SUP) boards. Sauna and a rich rustic breakfast are available at an additional cost. Check out the novelty!

Things to do

Disc golf, stand up paddle boarding, fishing, snowmobiling and lots more. Lehmonkärki has great opportunities for an active holiday, but it is also calm enough for daydreaming.

Experiences nearby

Asikkala and its surroundings offer wonderful nature sites and experiences. Take a sightseeing tour to the beautiful villages of Asikkala by car or an electric bicycle rented from Lehmonkärki. There is only a 15-minute boat ride from Lehmonkärki towards the unique Päijänne National Park. You can get there conveniently by the Lehmonkärki water taxi, a rental boat or a jet-ski.

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Best in Lehmonkärki

No rush

The best thing about a holiday is freedom. You don’t have to do anything, but you can do a lot if you want. The laid-pack atmosphere of Lehmonkärki allows for both.

delicious country gourmet

Lehmonkärki’s kitchen is known for its good food. Food prepared from fresh, high-quality ingredients with an unconstrained touch can only taste good.


Lehmonkärki is surrounded by the magnificent nature of Lake Päijänne. You can independently walk along the many forest paths, book a guided tour of the Päijänne National Park or admire the lake on an SUP board.