Villa rental terms and conditions

These terms and conditions are binding to both parties when the customer has made a reservation. These terms and conditions apply to villa bookings made by private customers through Lehmonkärki’s sales service (reception, telephone or e-mail). The person reserving a villa must be in full power.

Booking from the sales service

When the customer has made a reservation at the sales service, the customer will receive a booking confirmation by e-mail with directions to the accommodation and information on handing over the key.

Terms of payment

We will send the invoice to the customer in advance by e-mail. Invoices for high seasons such as summer weekly and Christmas bookings will be sent approximately two months before the start of the booking. Due date is 28 days before the start of the booking.

For off-season bookings, the invoice will be sent immediately upon confirmation of the booking.

  • If there are more than two weeks before the start of the booking period, the invoice is due 14 days before the booking.
  • If the booking is made 14-7 days before the start of the booking or later, the invoice will be due 7 days before the booking.
  • If the booking is made 7 days or less before the start of the booking, the invoice will be due on the first day of the booking.
  • Payment for bookings starting within the same day can be made on the spot at Lehmonkärki by cash or payment card.

All comments related to the invoice must be made within 7 days of the invoice date. A reference number must be used for payment. Failure to pay is not a cancellation!

Lehmonkärki has the right to cancel the reservation if the payment has not been made by the due date.


A cancellation must ALWAYS be sent in writing to Lehmonkärki (e-mail or a letter).
If the customer cancels the reservation:

  • 28 days before the start of the rental period, the villa rental will be refunded less a cancellation fee of 50 euros.
  • later than 28 days before the start of the rental period, 50% of the villa rent will be charged
  • later than 14 days before the start of the rental period, the full rent will be charged

A cancellation is considered valid as of the moment the cancellation has arrived at Lehmonkärki. If the customer can prove that a cancellation has been made and sent to the correct address at the correct time, the cancellation will be approved even if it were late or did not arrive at all.

Cancellations due to illness

If the booking is cancelled later than 14 days before the start of the rental period due to the customer (the booker) or his / her immediate family suddenly falling ill, having an accident or dying, the customer is charged 50 % of the villa rent. In this context, immediate family means the booker and his/her spouse and their parents or children (does not apply if a pet gets sick). In the case of a non-relative, such as a guest or party member invited to the party, 100 % of the villa rent is charged if the booking is cancelled. Cancellations must be made before the start of the rental period. If cancelled up to 12 hours before date of arrival, no fee will be charged.

We recommend travel insurance to our customers for possible exceptional situations and cases

Lehmonkärki’s right to cancel a reservation

In case of a force majeure event or an impediment which Lehmonkärki cannot influence (such as a fire or water damage), Lehmonkärki has the right to cancel the reservation. In such a case, the customer has the right to receive the entire rent paid. If payments for the reservation are not paid by the due date, Lehmonkärki has the right to cancel the reservation.

Transferring a reservation

It is possible to transfer the reservation 14 days before the start of the rental period by paying a transfer fee of 75 euros within a month to a new date. If the reservation is for some of the following dates, 20.12. – 4.1.; 1.6. – 31.8. and Easter, transfer is not possible. The transfer cannot be applied to the above-mentioned dates either. A transfer made later than 14 days before the start of the reservation is treated as a new reservation.

Handing over key

The key can be collected by showing a receipt of the payment. The key to the holiday site will be handed over to the client or a person authorised by the client before the start of the rental period on an estimated arrival time specified by the customer over the phone. The person handing over the key has the right to charge expenses due to a lost key (such as reserialising locks and replacing keys). The keys must be left on the kitchen table of the villa when leaving. Furthermore, on the day of check-out customer must ensure that the villa’s doors are locked, windows are closed, water level in hot tub reaches maximum level water is warming up and there is a lit over a hot tub.

Staying at the holiday site

The customer has the right to use the villa in case of a weekly reservation from the arrival day at 4:00 pm to the departure date at 12:00 noon. In case of a weekend reservation, the villa is available from Friday afternoon at 4 pm to Sunday evening at 6 pm. In case of reservation beginning in Saturday, villa is available at 15 pm.

The weekly rent of separate villas include free use of the villa and the sauna. Free use of a rowboat is included in the price in the summertime.

The villa rent includes furniture, kitchenware, dinnerware and utensils. Linen, towels mattresses, pillows and blankets are also included in the rental price. If on the day of arrival immediately as the customer checks in to the villa, the customer notices any deficiencies in the equipment or cleanliness of the villa, the customer is obliged to notify Lehmonkärki, so that the staff can rectify the deficiencies. Lehmonkärki is not liable to compensate for any deficiencies or errors reported after the rental period.

The customer must clean the villa during their holiday and when leaving, unless agreed to the contrary (by e-mail). By cleaning we mean bringing the garbage away into garbage containers outside the villa, washing the dishes with dishwasher and removing the visible stains (coffee, juice etc) from the floors and other surfaces. If the villa has not been cleaned or has been defectively cleaned when the customer leaves, Lehmonkärki has the right to charge a cleaning fee of a minimum of €120 and any other cleaning expenses from the customer.

The villa may be used by at the most the number of persons given in the web-page or brochure text as the number of beds or the number of persons that was agreed in writing when making the reservation. Using a tent or a caravan at the holiday site without the owner’s permission is not allowed.

Charging an electric car from the wall power sockets of the villa is strictly forbidden, as charging may damage the villa’s electrical network. Customer is responsible for any damage. Lehmonkärki has the right to charge for the use of electricity. Electric cars should be charged at the points indicated on it. There are free and paid charging points in the Lehmonkärki area. Ask more at the reception.

A notification of pets must be made when making the reservation and pets may not be brought to some of the villas. Please pick up your pet’s droppings from the yard area. You will be held liable for any damage caused by your pet, such as extra cleaning costs. Smoking is not allowed in any indoor area of the holiday site. If the customer has smoked indoors, Lehmonkärki will charge cleaning expenses. Candles or fireplaces must not be left burning unattended. The use of indoor fireworks in the villas is strictly forbidden.

The hot tubs are not included in the basic rent of the villas, unless separately specified in the reservation information. The temperature of the outdoor pool may be cool (32-37 ° C) on the day of arrival due to the water change. We do not recommend using the whirlpool function if the pool water feels cool as it will further cool the water temperature. The use of the whirlpool function should be limited in cold weather. Customers should read the instructions for use of the pools carefully before using the pools.

In the wintertime barbeque grills on the terrace are not in use.

Use of swimsuit is obligatory on the yard, jetties and terraces

Information security

The customer is responsible for their own information security when connecting to Lehmonkärki open network. We use general basic protections, but they may not be sufficient. Lehmonkärki is not responsible for data breaches customer’s device meet. Lehmonkärki is not responsible for any costs that the customer may incur when using the open network.


The customer is liable to compensate any damage caused to the accommodation site or its furniture directly to the owner, such as a hot tub that has been disconnected from the electricity grid and that has thus been frozen and damaged. The customer is obliged to report any damage before the end of the rental period so that Lehmonkärki’s service can repair the damage that has already occurred and prevent the extra damage.

Force majeure

If the customer suffers damage caused by force majeure, or other similar reasons (eg power outages, natural phenomena or animals such as mice and insects), which was not caused by Lehmonkärki or which consequences Lehmonkärki could not reasonably prevent, Lehmonkärki is not responsible for the damage. Lehmonkärki is also not responsible for damages and consequences caused by normal natural phenomena.

Lost and found items

Lehmonkärki is not responsible for the lost property left by customers in the villa area. We charge shipping expenses for mailed items.

Disturbance or cancellation of lease agreement due to a dangerous situation

Music is not allowed on the terrace and in the yard area. If the customer fails to cause disturbance or danger to people in the same property or an adjacent property, regardless of a notification made by the lessor, the lessor has the right to immediately terminate the lease agreement. Any expenses arising from the above-mentioned measures will be paid by the customer.


Any remarks and complaints regarding the accommodation site’s equipment and condition must be issued immediately after having noticed the fault or defect and during the holiday directly to the owner of the site tel. 358 (0) 3 7666 330.

Lehmonkärki does not answer for any misprints in brochures (incl. web) or changes made after printing.
* Right to change prices is withheld.
* Value-added tax will be added to the prices in accordance with the valid legislation.