Villa rates

No check-in on Sundays.

During the summer season (weeks 25-31) villas are rented only for a week at a time. Restriction doesn´t concern Villa Aurum and Haasi Mirror Houses.

See available villa weekends.

Villa (pax+extra beds)



Week (incl. hot tub)

Weekend offer (incl. hot tub)

Villa 1 (6+2)580 e/630 e*685 e/735 e*1945 e/2050 e*1000 e/1050 e*
Villa 2 (6+2)580 e685 e1945 e1000 e
Villa 3 (4+1)335 e475 e1365 eno hot tub
Villa 4 (4+1)335 e475 e1525 e685 e
Villa 5 (6+1)475 e580 e1735 e895 e
Villa 6 (6+1)475 e580 e1735 e895 e
Aallotar (8+2)790 e895 e2155 e1210 e
Ilmatar (8+2)790 e895 e2155 e1210 e
Tuuletar (8+2)790 e895 e2155 e1210 e
Villa 9 (2+2)410 e515 e1575 e725 e
Villa 10 (2+2)295 e345 e1040 eno hot tub
Villa 11 (2+2)295 e345 e1040 eno hot tub
Villa 12 (2+2)295 e345 e1260 e555 e
Vip-villa (10+2)895 e1040 e2260 e1385 e
Villa Aurum (14+6)1280 e1745 e5040 e2090 e
  • All the prices include bed linen and towels
  • All the prices of Villa Aurum  include use of hot tub.
  • Prices for a week include a hot tub in the following villas: Aallotar, Ilmatar, Tuuletar, VIP and villas 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 9 and 12.
  • In daily rentals, outdoor hot tub 200-330 e/villa
  • * During the summer, 1 May to 30 September. The rental price of Villa 1 includes a wood-heated beach sauna located on the beach.

Haasi Mirror Houses – Price list

WINTER 19.12. – 30.4.Mon-FriMon-FriFri-SatSat-SunFri-Sun
1 night2 nights1 night1 night2 nights
Haasi – Kimallus and Näköala490 e950 e550 e590 e1150 e
Haasi – Liplatus and Kallio (private sauna)590 e1100 e650 e690 e1300 e
SUMMER 1.5. – 31.10.Mon-FriMon-FriFri-SatSat-SunFri-Sun
1 night2 nights1 night1 night2 nights
Haasi – Kimallus490 e950 e550 e590 e1150 e
Haasi – Näköala590 e1100 e650 e690 e1300 e
Haasi – Liplatus and Kallio (private sauna)590 e1100 e650 e690 e1300 e


  • countrygourmet-breakfast delivered to the Haasi
  • bottle of Sparkling wine
  • use of hot tub
  • use of sport equipment (3 h/equipment), weather permitting
  • bathrobes and slippers
  • sauna shift (Kimallus and Näköala) or private sauna (Liplatus and Kallio)


  • Haasi is for two persons and adults only (R-18).
  • No check-in on Sundays
  • Pre-order of the dinner and notification of special diets and allergies at the latest 3 days before booking begins.
  • Holidays (Easter, Christmas, New Year and Mid Summer) are selled as two nights packages and are rated according to Fri-Sun prices

Please ask for the availability:
+358 3 7666 330